Digital E-Signature with Document Forensics – Smart Document that flags tampered documents



Introducing Document 4n6 TM (Forensics)

enTrust & Title has introduced the revolutionary 4th generation Digital E-Signature with evolutionary Document 4n6TM (forensics), which no longer ends with signing of documents but takes it beyond.


ZorroSign’s 4n6TM Token technology authenticates the subject document and ensures its validity and authenticity. The software may be customized for Enterprise application or configured as Software as a Service for Business applications. It caters to four different service models – Internal Business (iB) automation, Business to Business (B2B) E-Signature transactions, Business to Consumer/Citizen (B2C) communications and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) agreements.


We provide unquestionable assurance to the User that:


Customer Assurance Image

  • sheild image
  • E-Signed documents are indeed authentic, i.e. signed by the right person
  • stamp image
  • The sanctity of the E-Signed Documents are maintained & any tampering of the Document or its Attachments are flagged
  • basket image
  • There’s no need of printing and storing paper, because our intelligent E-Signed Documents identifies if it’s been revised, replaced or has been revoked or cancelled


In other words, ZorroSign provides you with invaluable comfort.




Our Products

The 4th Generation E Signature Technology

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Consultant enTrust (E-Signature) Tool

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4n6 Token Reader4n6TM Token Reader

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Aziz Valliani


The Founder & CEO of our Company, Aziz Valliani, hails from Silicon Valley, California and has been developing leading edge technologies since 1977. His senior management experience includes Companies such as Intel, Acer, Wyse, @POS and many others. He is the pioneer of the first generation E-Signature technology (1992) with over 20 patents authored by him.

At the turn of the century, he and his team introduced the second generation of technology, which showcased broader benefits of E-Signature along with the delivery mechanism employed to broaden access to consumers. Then called the Application Service Provider (ASP) – and well known today as “Cloud Computing”. As such, E-Signed receipts started to also get used for improving customer service, such as return and refund policies at retail stores, delivery of packages, notifications and tying it in to other CRM activities to market additional product and services.

With the introduction of the fourth generation Document Forensics (4n6TM) technology,, his vision continues to help increase the penetration of the E-Signature documents by securing high value documents from fraudulent or mistaken acts.

Business Case for E Signature Adoption

Whether you are a Consumer, Small Business or Enterprise, efficiency, cost & security are the essence in today’s rapid business world.

The adoption of E-Signature solutions replaced slow, manual, complicated processes and are improving efficiency, customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Research conducted by Ombud (a market research company) in 2013, on E-Signature solutions, revealed interesting ROI for companies subscribing to E-Signature services.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Average Change
Turnaround Time 80% reduction
Cost Savings $20 per document less
Customer Satisfaction 5x increase

With adoption of ZorroSign, the risks are mitigated against a document being tampered with, changed, replaced, amended or cancelled, so that the sanctity of documents are upheld.

Advantages of E Signature Adoption

Faster contracting process – no mail or courier time

Access anytime, anywhere – documents can be signed on a mobile phone or tablet

Paperless Office – There is no Printing Required Storage is on the cloud

Error Reduction

FTE Savings Associated With the Elimination of Manual Processes

“Customers, who are more comfortable with the Web and mobile apps, are now driving e-signature adoption”
– Forrester Research – Customer Experience Drives E-Signature Adoption

About Us

enTrust & Title’s ZorroSign, is a disruptive technology for Digital E-Signature era. The ground breaking Document 4n6 TM technology:

  • Authenticates documents are indeed signed by the rightful signatories
  • Highlights the latest approved Document version & tracks the workflow
  • Documents have not been tampered
  • Flags when Documents are revised, amended or revoked/cancelled
  • Allows document access to authorized personnel only
  • Allows document access to authorized personnel only

Since 1992, beneficiaries of our technology developed by our management include United States Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), United States Postal Service (USPS), IBM, American Express, Federated Department Stores (Bloomingdales, Macys, etc.), Municipality of Abu Dhabi City and many more notable large corporations. The products have been OEM’d and branded under various labels including IBM, HP, NCR, HHP, VeriFone, Mobinetix, @POS, and many others.

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